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What is the best angle for sawhorse legs?

 The sawhorse features


When you are looking for precision cutting but there is no room or extra funds to buy a table saw there is always the solution of the sawhorse. This device was historically adopted by carpenters who wanted a stable place to put their regular saws and perform cutting work.

Nowadays sawhorses are not wooden anymore. They are made of quality metal and plastic parts that ensure you get the best out of them in multiple years of use. Sawhorses usually have special decks to embrace the wooden parts and a driver for the saw.

All the modern sawhorses have stable legs that are placed against the floor in the best available angle to give you extreme stability when using them. Stability is also required for your own safety when you are using the regular saw. That is why the sawhorses are made of quality material to ensure your proper stature when performing precision cutting.

How the angle of the sawhorse legs improves your performance?


It is widely accepted that the angle of the sawhorse legs plays a great role in your overall cutting performance. Most of the sawhorses’ manufacturers have made adjustable length legs that are firmly connected to the ground through special rubber material that increases the friction.

The legs have to be solid and rust-free since you are always working in external environment when you perform precision cutting. That is why most of the legs are made of quality inox or aluminum metal alloys that have special anti-corrosion protection to last more.

Lately the sawhorses legs are covered with plastic components having a metal core that gives them enhanced durability. On the other hand, the legs are there to adjust their angle of operation and give you more precision and stability when cutting objects.

The angle plays a significant role in the height of the working surface. This is important for your safety as well as for your comfort. Craftsmen that bend over the cutting surface are most of the times injured since they are destroying their back. When you adjust the angle of the sawhorse’s legs to the desired height you are positive that you have the cutting surface exactly at the level of your hands.

No need to bend over when the right angle grinder is there to assist you in cutting.


What is the best angle for the sawhorse’s legs?


Usually the 45 degrees angle is the best one used by the most carpenters across the world. This angle is having stabilized the cutting surface and gives you enough height to work properly. Some users may find it difficult to work with this angle especially the ones that are taller than the average.

That is why most craftsmen are using the lesser angle of 30 to 35 degrees that elevates significantly the cutting surface. The legs are securely bended to the floor even in this smaller angle and can provide extreme stability to the user. On the other hand, the elevated cutting surface gives you more visibility and can assist you perform more precision cutting anytime you need it.

The angle is also significant for another great reason. The smaller the angle the more elevated the cutting surface and the more room you have underneath the sawhorse’s legs. There you can place all your useful tools that are about to be used when performing precision cutting using your regular saw.

As a result, the sawhorse angle is an important factor both for the successful cutting as well as for the preservation of your health when performing cutting works.

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There are a lot of reasons to prefer working using a sawhorse. You have to pay close attention to the angle of the legs if you want to make precision cutting and protect yourself from unnecessary injuries that derive from the wrong stature of your body while working.

The modern sawhorses are those who offer you the possibility to adjust the angle of the legs to your desired level. This enables you to work more comfortable and perform quality cutting all the time.

Make sure you are choosing the right type of sawhorse to accompany you in all difficult indoor and outdoor cutting jobs of yours.


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