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Swallow’s Nest Business

For those of you who want to start a business, but are still confused about what business you want. Take it easy, try glancing at the bird’s nest business. The business opportunity is very lucrative because it provides multiple benefits. Want to know more about the swallow’s nest business? The following explanation.

Swallow or also called a swallow is a type of bird that has wings wide enough compared to its body size. This bird has pointed wings with the upper body color black and brown on the bottom.

Swallow habitat is located in coastal areas or settlements and inhabits caves, empty buildings, and other large spaces. These birds usually live in groups and form a nest from their hardened saliva. Well, this swallow’s nest is widely traded for consumption, health, beauty, and other benefits.

When it becomes a nest, the price is no joke. One sarang burung walet gram of swallow’s nest is priced more than Rp. 20 thousand. Per kilogram (kg) means around Rp. 20 million. Very expensive right?

If done properly, the swallow’s nest business can produce huge coffers of money. Luckily too many times.
Swallow’s nest can be consumed tablets. Usually processed into soup. Eaten while hot and contains nutrients that are good for the body, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories. There are a number of restaurants that offer swiftlet nest soup menus which are certainly very good for your body’s health.

Swallow nests in Indonesia, for example, have been exported to various countries, such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, to the United States. In addition to swallow-shaped bird’s nests, there is also a triangular shape. Swallow bird nests like this are cheaper than chips.

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