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Defensive Driving Course Online Training Guide

Training is the only difference between an average driver and a good one and that’s the main reason behind completing a defensive driving course so as to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills required to anticipate driving dangers, how to avoid them and also keep yourself up to date with the latest road laws.

What is defensive driving anyway?

It is a technique used to significantly reduce the risks associated with driving your car or motorcycle by anticipating and identifying potential hazards and adjusting your driving accordingly to suit the circumstances well before they happen.

Patience,training and good concentration are required to effectively benefit from defensive driving, so by becoming a student of an accredited online defensive driving course and incorporating the visual training into your driving behavior, it could ultimately save your life!

Gathering the right information and undergoing professional defensive driver training, will help to reduce the likelihood of a serious or fatal accident. It will certainly assist you in passing your drivers license test and may also save you some money by reducing your vehicle insurance premium.

You can now dismiss a traffic ticket online.

If you have not taken a defensive driving course for some time and are not fully up to date with the current road laws, then it is more than likely you will receive a traffic ticket or moving violation at some point. If you have already been directed by a court to attend a driving safety course, many courts in the United States will nowadays dismiss your ticket and protect your driving record if you complete an approved defensive driving course online.

Here are some general defensive driving tips to help you drive more safely.

When driving, particularly in traffic conditions look 10 – 15 seconds down the road to anticipate any trouble, as this will give you enough time to adjust your driving.

Maintain a 2-3 second gap between your car and the one in front to allow sufficient reaction time and increase the gap as your speed rises.

Be aware of cars that are sitting to close to you by scanning your rear view mirrors every 5 – 10 seconds and increase the distance between if you can accelerate or move into another lane. If you have to brake suddenly and a car is too close, their reaction time is reduced and could crash into the rear of you.

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