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Are Executive Resume Services Beneficial in Your Executive Job Search?

Hiring a company or professional executive resume writer to help you craft one of the most important documents for your executive career search can be beneficial but also pose certain challenges and limitations. It is helpful to envision your job search in the sales process, where you use sales copy to properly market yourself to display yourself as the prime candidate for the position. The information needs to be outlined in a manner which is captivating, attractive, and readable with proper formatting.

When presenting your executive resume in your job search, proper presentation of the total package is nearly as important in this instance as it is in selling products. Most recruiting agencies and Human Resources departments are literally bombarded with applications and resumes, even on the executive level since it is so competitive. You must have an angle where you stand out to capture the reader’s attention for more than two seconds or your resume will end up in the trash without another opportunity. Companies know they are dealing with the upper echelon of candidates so perfection on every level is expected. It should be crafted to best 98 percent of the other applicants with the final decision at the actual interview to push you over the top.


Many candidates look to executive resume services to craft their executive resume but is this really a good idea? First, your future and candidacy with an organization is in the hands of a writer at some company who is not particularly vested in your overall success. They collect fees for each resume completed and the more documents prepared the more profitable these writing services are. It is therefore your benefit to begin the process of writing your own executive resume since you will demand perfection of yourself.

Another reason not to turn to executive resume services, but rather to craft your own executive resume is to offer your personal writing voice within the document. No one is more intimately familiar than you with your career objectives, career history, personal achievements, and background. You also will write with your personal voice and should be able to match that voice in your interview. It is very awkward, particularly at the executive level if you are not intimately familiar with your resume and that your speaking voice and personality does not match the writing voice of your resume.

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